Introduction To The Best Football Academy in Bangalore

best football academy in bangalore

Football or also known as THE BEAUTIFUL GAME, is the world’s most popular sport. It has many fans around the globe. It is basically between two teams of eleven each with the objective of scoring a goal by trying to avoid the other players from the opposing team.

The origin of football dates back to thousands of years, with various versions of the game.

However the birth of modern football we know now was born in the 19th century in England.

Then a governing body was put in place to dictate rules, which came to be known as the Football Association or the FA now known as FIFA.

Before we learn about football academies in Bangalore take a look at a general overview of the game. 

Football is played on a rectangular field with boxes marking territories which are measured to certain yards. Where the game is started at the center circle by one team. The game is played for 90 mins which in turn is divided into 45 min halves with a 15 min break in between. There are stoppages added as extra time for any time wasted during the 45 half.

Players move the ball to the half of the opponent by either kicking the ball long or by dribbling the ball with the main agenda to score a goal. While the defending team’s duty is to try and stop the opponent from scoring a goal by intercepting the ball, block shots and regain possession of the ball.

Positions of players

You need to know before enrolling in a football academy


The person who stands in between the goal post. His duty is to stop the ball from crossing the line into the goal. He is also the only player on the field that can touch in the ball with his during the live ball action, but only in the area that is allotted to him.

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The players that stand in front of the goalkeeper, they act like a wall or front line warriors that have the same agenda not let the ball into the goal or even better stop the ball from going near the keeper.


Usually found in the middle of the field they play a vital role in controlling the whole game. A midfielders job is to defend and even help in attack by supplying the forwards with balls that can help them score a goal.

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Also known as strikers. The main responsibility of the striker is to score a goal.

Major Competitions in Football

  1. FIFA world cup: The most prestigious tournament in the whole world with viewerships going to billions of people. This tournament takes place once in four years.
  2. UEFA Champions league: This is Europe’s most premier club competition, where clubs from top leagues face off against each other to lift the trophy.
  3. English Premier League(EPL): Said to be the best league and the toughest league in the world. This league calls England its home. With Manchester United being it’s most prestigious club.
  4. La Liga: Spain’s top football league, known for its technical prowess and dream football. Home to the best club in the world Real Madrid. La liga also hosts the most fierce rivalry in all of sports the El classico, a game of football between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

People to Follow

There are main players that can be idolised in this game. As the beautiful game as had many legends grace the field. From the likes of Pele to Maradona, Ronaldo to Ronaldinho, Kaka to Zidane and Cristiano to Messi. The list just keeps going on. Let’s talk about some of the most influential players that revolutionised the game.

  • Pele: Edson Arantes also known as Pele was the man who got the game of football its worldwide recognition. The greatest player ever to play the game. Scoring a staggering thousand goals, which is almost being broken by Cristiano Ronaldo who we’ll talk about. Pele was known for his extraordinary dribbling ability, agility with the ball, lightning fast acceleration and powerful shooting. He had  certain vision and gifts that grew the game of football during the black white dates.
  • Maradona: Born in Argentina, also famous for his crazy dribbling skills and nack of beating defenders brought the spotlight on to him during the early eras of the color tv. He was also involved in a lot of controversies on and off the pitch. Most notable on field controversies are the hand of god that allowed Argentina to win a world cup and during a club match where he kneed a defender. 
  • Ronaldinho: The came another maestro from Brazil called Ronaldinho, a crazy skillful and master of dribbling that captivated people. During his time playing football Ronaldinho never had a single hater, everyone just loved than man play the beautiful game. He then went on to become a global ambassador for the game of football. Which led to the breakthrough of football into Asia.
  • Zidane: Zineden Zidane also known as Zizu was the master of first touch of the ball. He had a magical touch which made the game even more fun and thrilling to watch. Zidane played in many leagues during his career, but his stint at Real Madrid was considered his best.
  • Messi: Lionel Messi a GOAT of the game. He played all his footballing career at Barcelona. Has the most number of individual trophies. The trophy is called the ballon d’or. His way of dribbling, scoring and leaving defenders bamboozled was the highlight of his game. Messi has also won multiple league and domestic titles making him one of the greatest to play the game.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: The greatest ever to play the game. The man who changed and influenced the whole world with his style of football. He was born in Portugal to a poor family struggling to make ends meet and now Cristiano is one off the richest athletes of the world with an estimated net worth of 1 billion dollars. The influence Cristiano has on the game of football is like no other and which one can never ever duplicate. Cristiano grew to fame during his early days in Manchester United and then later moved to Real Madrid. He is called the GOAT because he can single handedly win a match for any team, and is the only player to win a league trophy in top 5 leagues of the world.

Career Options After Football Academy/Classes

Professional Player

This is like the most obvious career path in football. To play for a certain club that a person grows up idolising. Then get a chance to even represent the national team

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Coach/ Manager

This is another option where you can become a coach/manager of a team by either becoming a player and once you retire you train to become a manager or directly choose to become a manager from the start. The main job of the manager is to train the players with effective tactics and game plans, so every game can be won.


Scouts are tasked with travelling around the world or around the same country trying to find new and young talents. These talents will then later be added to the first team.

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Sports Agent

The main job of a sports agent is to represent players and negotiate contracts and endorsements on behalf of the player. They even help the players secure clubs of their liking

Football Administrator

They work behind the scenes, manage the clubs, leagues and federations. They even schedule the whole season, then manage finances.

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Referee/Officials enforce the rules of the game during matches. So as to ensure fair play and safety of others. They have to undergo training and certification to get selected for this job.

Sports Journalist/ Reporter

Their job is to cover the game, interview players and coaches. While watching the match on TV these are the people who give commentary and analysis of the game

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Sports Marketing/ PR

The job is the same as other marketing work. They will be required to promote the players, clubs through events, advertisements and many more.

Sports Medicine/ Physio

The job of a physiotherapist is to help players recover from injuries that they would have sustained during the match. Sometimes physio’s are also required to run onto the field during play to help the players recover so that they can resume the game.

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Sports Nutritionist

Customise diets and meal plans for players, so that they can stay fit year round which will help them play better.

Stadium operations

This will be a hands on job trying to maintain the stadium. Making sure the field is well maintained and ready for any game day. Maintaining the facilities offered and making sure the crowd is kept in control.

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Academy Director

They oversee the work done in the youth academy making sure that new and young kids who have talent are selected and in the future go on to play for the first team.

Global Demand

Global demand for the game of football will never die. Young kids nowadays have access to phones and TV with which they can watch games or find news related to the clubs and players they follow. In this way football global demand only increases with each passing day.

FIFA has always thought of introducing multiple new tournaments to make sure that the fans are pleased to the fullest. But the health and longevity of players are concerned with the increase in games played because the time needed to recover and rest is limited. 

Listed below are a few key factors as to the rise/ never ending demand for the game.

  1. Universal Accessibility: The game of football can be played virtually with the help of gaming consoles that help the general public to experience the game like they are actually playing it. EA sports releases a new game every year.
  2. Cultural Significance: Football holds deep cultural important in regions with tense political issues. The game has helped get people from different walks of life together. Making sure that no communal issue is greater than the nation.
  3. Media Coverage/ Broadcasting: Football enjoys a huge media coverage presence with rights for coverages being sold in millions of dollars. This coverage has also helped the general public to watch the game with ease. The sort after tournaments are FIFA world cup, UEFA Champions league and domestic leagues.
  4. Youth Development: With Clubs investing more in the development of young talent. Parents of kids don’t think twice before enrolling their kids into football classes. That help the kids to grow with discipline and also led to a career in football.
  5. Economic impact: The game of football generates tons of money from ticket sales, broadcasting rights, sponsorship deals, merchandise sales and it even promotes tourism which helps the country in the whole.

Football Academies In Bangalore

  1. Bangalore Youth football league: They provide FIFA approved turfs with flood-lights. They also provide training for other sports. Location Kumara Park east, Bengaluru.
  2. Karnataka State Football Association(KSFA): It is one of 36 Indian football associations which are affiliated to All India Football Federation. The league matches that take place in Bengaluru have to operate under KSFA. Location: Ashok Nagar.
  3. Boca Juniors Football School: It is a branch of an Argetinian football club that caters to the growth of youths from the age of 6 to 16. Located: Whitefield, Bengaluru.
  4. Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools: Started by the formed captain of Indian Football Bhaichung Bhutia, offers training for kids from the age of 6 to 18 years. This training facility is present in more than 21 cities in and around India. Location: Talaghattapura, Bengaluru.
  5. Bengaluru Soccer School: This football school is a branch or training facility which is formed by the home team of bengaluru the Bengaluru football club aka BFC. They train kids and if selected are called up to play in their respective divisions. Location: Ashok Nagar.
  6. Stadium Soccer School: This school was started with the vision to grow the game of football in India and it is even recognised by AIFF. They even have a partnership with a big team like Real Madrid. Location: Hebbal. Bengaluru.
  7. Roots Football: This was an initiative started by Game on Sports Management pvt. Their focus was the same as that of stadium soccer school, to grow the culture of football in india. They have around 20 coaches which will help in the growth of the child. Location: Bellandur, Bengaluru.

Facts About Football Academies

  1. Pele’s thousand goals: The maestro is recognised world wide for his 1000 goals scored during his career, which is a prolific achievement in the history of football.
  2. Sir Alex Ferguson’s Trophy Haul: The former manager of Manchester United. He holds the record for the most trophies won by any manager.
  3. The offside rule: The offside rule came into play only from 1863. Where the player from the opposing team cannot stand behind the last defender and receive the ball to score a goal.

Myths About Football Academies

  1. Heading causes brain damage: There have been concerns among a few people that heading the ball often causes brain damage, which is a myth and not a true thing. Scientific research says that there is no conclusive evidence to state this fact.
  2. The Hand of God: This moment shaped the history of football to come. Often mythologised moment of divine intervention rather than considering it to be a clear case of cheating.
  3. Brazilian Footballers are all samba dancers: Most Brazilian players show flair and crazy dance moves. Most people try to think that all Brazilians are good dancers, but that’s not the case and it is considered a myth.
  4. Rain Affects the outcome of the game: Rain can affect how the game is played but will never determine the outcome of the game. Nowadays stadiums have roofs which open and close to specific weather conditions.

Salary Expectations

  1. Professional players: Players in different tiers of football leagues will receive different pay structures. Like people playing in the third most tier will receive a pay of around 5-10k per match. Second tire 30-40k a match. First tier 80k-1L a match and the top most tier in football like the Indian Super league players often fetch 1L-5L per match.
  2. Coaches/ Managers: The salary for coaches also varies from tier to tier. The annual aprox is around 3-10 lakhs depending on the experience and talent of the coach.
  3. Scouts and other staff: They receive an annual pay of around 5-6 lakhs.
  4. Sports agents: Make money by taking percentages on players’ sales and other endorsements making their salary a wide range that cannot really be estimated because it keeps varying from time to time.


Football classes are highly beneficial for people of all ages and backgrounds for several reasons and some of them are listed below.

  • Physical Fitness: Football is a dynamic sport that involves a lot of physical activity like running, jumping,kicking and coordination. By participating in football one can improve their overall fitness levels. The best fitness classes that help in the development of football.
  • Skill development: Football classes are often conducted by coaches that are well trained and certified. Their main agenda would be to introduce skill into a kids brain. Making it a mind muscle memory which can be triggered during any age.
  • Self Confidence: Learning new skills and achieving personal milestones can boost self confidence in kids. This can be the start not only on the pitch but also off the pitch.
  • Physical and Mental Well being: Football helps in having a good physical shape and even mentally football can help sharpen the mind. Football classes provide stress and relief, relaxation and enjoyment as well.
  • Discipline and Focus: The game of football requires a lot of focus and discipline to grow as a professional. Just talent alone won’t help an individual. This discipline and focus will be inculcated in real life as well.
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Which country invented football?


What is the full name of FIFA?

Federation of international football associations

What is special about football?

It is a team support with the Dutch introducing the ideal way to play the game

Who is the father of total football?

 Rinus michels

Who invented/ introduced football in India?

Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhakari.